Life of a Monarch Butterfly Playset

This cute little playset will help you teach your young children about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies and how the shortage of one little plant—the Milkweed wildflower—can impact a whole species. I hope this project will help raise awareness of this issue and encourage people to plant Milkweed: plant a little or a lot, and the Monarch Butterflies will thank you by visiting your balcony or garden!

monarch collage

I loved the #knit4monarchs April Fool’s Day video from the David Suzuki Foundation bringing awareness to the #gotmilkweed campaign to help bring back the Monarch Butterflies by planting milkweed wildflowers. As I’m an older, single woman on Disability Benefits I find it impossible to donate funds to organizations that I really feel are doing vitally important research and conservation work…but I CAN knit & crochet and I CAN design patterns–so I designed this cute kids toy which will, I hope, do 2 things: help raise funds for the David Suzuki Foundation; & help kids learn a little about the Monarch Butterfly life cycle in a fun and interactive way!

Coming soon: more playsets to help support other organizations that are helping our planet and all its inhabitants, whether they fly, walk, or swim!

WCFA flutterby

NOTE: I am not associated or affiliated with the David Suzuki Foundation in any way.  The “Life of a Monarch Butterfly Playset” is unknown to their organization and is solely my idea.  The funds I donate from selling my pattern will be a personal donation made just as you may go to their website and donate to the Foundation.  If at any time I stop donating 50% of the profits from pattern sales of this design I will remove the statement of intent to do so from the pattern and sales listings.


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1871 Irish Crochet D’Oyley: Mavourneen CAL

Victorian Flowers: Mavourneen 1 pattern is in the Pattern store now.  It is the first motif for an Irish Crochet style D’Oyley–there are 15 more, and some of the motifs require that more than one be made the same.  I hope you will join the new Facebook West Coast Fibre Arts KAL & CAL Group and share photos and comments and make this d’oyley with me!

Mavourneen 1

The coupon code to get the new pattern free for the first week is in the Facebook Group and also in the Friday Flowers thread in the Ravelry Group.  

Next week the coupon code to get the pattern free will be offered in a different way–I am just sorting out the details so please look on here next week for the Coupon News!

#doily #d’oyley #Victorian #IrishCrochet

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New Way to get Free Patterns!

Beginning on Friday with the new Victorian Flower there will be new ways to get FREE patterns, including the Friday Flowers, new CALs & KALs, and new Outlander Inspired designs.  Watch on here or on Facebook for more information!

Have you signed up by pre-purchasing the last Winter Mystery?  One pattern includes all the instructions to Crochet, Knit, or Sew the item!  The Mystery of Winter Past is still free until the end of Friday with the coupon code…hunt on blog posts or the pattern pages to find it!

mystery of winter past 1

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Mystery of Winter Past!

Spring has arrived!  That means that Winter is Past, and so it is time for the last little 1 Clue Mini Mystery Project!

mystery of winter past 1

The full pattern will be released next Friday, but if you want to pre-purchase you can read the notes about Materials needed, and then the pattern will be automatically updated next Friday!

“What am I? I’m fun or functional! If you make me for children, they’ll have oodles of fun; if you make me for adults they’ll save a ton!”

This is a small, quickly made project that can be easily adjusted to make in many sizes, out of many fibres! I first saw the item in an 1891 Victorian family magazine and realized the versatility it offers.


FREE FOR 1 WEEK SIGN-UP FROM 20 -27 MARCH 2015 and then it will be just $1.95. USE COUPON CODE: freemystery
I hope you will take a moment to add the pattern to your Favourites, put in your queue, and link to my design on your project page, as a thanks for the free pattern, to help me out!

I WILL UPDATE THIS BLOG POST, OR the Ravelry West Coast Fibre Arts Group thread called “Mystery of Winter Past Discussion” with information about yarn amounts, needles & hooks, etc. The most yarn I have used for 1 item is 100g of Bernat Felting, with a 4.5mm hook, PLUS stuffing–I used unspun sheep fleece. Remember: you can use acrylic yarn, wool, alpaca, anything you like, and any weight you like! You can use any stuffing you like, too!

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Tomorrow is Friday & First Day of Spring!

Don’t forget to watch out tomorrow for the Friday Flower pattern!  Here are the links to the first 2 Friday Flowers–FREE for now!  Click on the photo to go to the pattern page.

Victorian Flowers Lenten RoseVictorian Flowers Eglantine Rose collage

Victorian Flowers series will have a new pattern released, and as a special celebration for the First Day of Spring I will release the SIGN UP for a mini-Mystery which will be updated with the full pattern on the 27th:

The Mystery of Winter Past!

The first 2 Mysteries in the series were the Mystery of Winter Present, a knitting only pattern; and the Mystery of Winter Yet to Come, which is available as “CAL” Crochet OR “KAL” Knit OR Sewn pattern–MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE RIGHT ONE! Don’t forget if you want to make them as a Mystery item, DO NOT look at people’s project pages or the Spoiler Photos in my Ravelry Group–if you aren’t a member of that Group yet, we’d love to have you join! Don’t forget–Ravelry is FREE to join, and an awesome resource for Knitters & Crocheters & other Fibre crafts!

West Coast Fibre Arts Ravelry Group

For the sewing pattern, you have to send me a message on the FaceBook Page: The Ravelled Hank of Yarn; then I will send you a Paypal invoice, and once it is paid I’ll send you the pdf.

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New Patterns Round-Up!

Have you seen the new and almost-new designs that have been added recently?  Here is a little round-up of some of them, and a hint of what is coming soon!



New Cloths are added each month to learn a Victorian stitch in the Victorian CAL Cloth & the Victorian KAL Cloth series.  They are mini-mysteries with just the one clue; nobody knows what they look like until you make them…photos are only on the last pages of the pattern, or in the Ravelry West Coast Fibre Arts Group “Spoiler Photos” threads.  Here are links to the March Cloths–and the new KAL Knit cloth is 50% right until midnight the 22nd, so will cost less than $1US!

victorian KAL cloth3victorian CAL cloth 3

Celebrate each Friday with a Flower:  that is, a new Victorian Flower!  These are “3-Rs Patterns”: Re-searched, Re-Written, Re-worked from Victorian era patterns for you to make as embellishments for hats & bags, to make pictures, etc.  Some will be part of a larger design published soon, for instance an afghan or a d’oyley.  They are FREE for now, until I gather them all into a book of patterns.  Here are the first 2–don’t forget to come back Friday for a new one!

Victorian Flowers Lenten RoseVictorian Flowers Eglantine Rose collage

Gilda’s Cuffs:  perfect for spring & summer–a pair of little lace cuffs to add a delicate new touch to a sweater or jacket, you can make them in cotton or wool, in thread or yarn…they’d be lovely for summer weddings with pear beads added!

Gilda's cuffs 3 Gilda's cuffs 2


Crunchy Carrot Market Bag: It is perfect for Easter & all year round!  Make it for children…but wait to see how you will be able to make it into an expandable shopping bag for adults, too!

Crunchy CarrotCrunchy Carrot 2




Named for the remarkable Crow bird, which is the inspiration of the first 3 cloths along with its Fable companion, Fox, and for the lovely little Beatles song sung by songwriter/singer Sir Paul McCartney many times over the decades, too:  Blackbird

Blackbird Singing 1

So be sure to check in often for new designs–something new almost every week!  If there is a type of pattern you’d like me to design, let me know on my Facebook Page!

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Free Patterns

What is the best way to keep some patterns free in my Ravelry Store, and more freebies added? DO NOT COPY & PASTE THE PATTERN ON YOUR BLOG OR FACEBOOK PAGE, DO NOT EMBED THE PDF FILE DIRECTLY ON YOUR PAGE. Please post a link to the pattern page, blog, or Facebook post instead.  That way other crocheters, knitters, and crafters come to check out my work, see my other posts and designs, etc.  A little bit of love–and sharing–makes the designs keep flowing.

Remember: Just because a designer posts a pattern “free” without charging


mean it is right–or legal–to share it improperly.

The freebies are fun, and they are a way 1) to thank my followers and fans; 2) they work like advertising to get my designing “name” out into the crafting world.  The 2nd only works if people post a link to the pattern page, or to my Facebook page, or to my blog.  When I find a pattern is being shared illegally, I have to spend a lot of time writing to different places to get it removed, and it causes frustration and bad feelings.  Yesterday I changed another pattern from FREE to PAID after the 3rd time I found it being shared improperly. I did the same last week to a pattern.  The pattern I changed from Free to Paid last week has sold copies since then, so I know that I could be charging for all of my designs…but I would like to keep some FREE to show my appreciation to those who support my work!

Here are the 2 latest free patterns: please share links to the Blog or to the Ravelry Pattern pages, not the patterns!

Victorian Flowers Eglantine Rose collageVictorian Flowers Lenten Rose


#CrochetFlowers #FreePattern #VictorianCrochet

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