Victorian CAL Cloth of the Month: March

This design is a little different, but I hope you have fun making it! It is a fun way to practice making a circular “wheel” from 1887 used originally to make a “tidy” or d’oyley using cotton thread.  By using worsted weight cotton instead of thread, one motif makes a practical 15 inch table mat; or you can complete just 3 rounds of the pattern and make a 6 inch washcloth or coaster.

Pretty & Practical…the March design won’t take long to finish!

victorian CAL cloth 3

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Gilda’s Cuffs


A Night At The Opera: Rigoletto

Gilda’s Cuffs

One of the longest lasting ‘true loves’ in my life is my love of opera–especially Italian opera.  I often listen to the historic recordings music lovers world-wide share of bygone stars from the earliest days of recording.  One day recently I was listening to this recording of the aria ‘Caro Nome’: recorded in 1906 by a Russian soprano I had not heard before, Antonina Nezhdanova, while I browsed through Victorian era crochet and knitting patterns.  I took a little break from fibre-related content to explore the opera which that aria is from, Rigoletto.  It is interesting to read reviews of the opera performances in the mid-19th century when it was ‘new!’  While researching it I read about the soprano, Teresa Brambilla, who sang at Rigoletto’s premiere performance in 1851; I noticed in a portrait of her that she wore small white ‘pouffed’ cuffs.  They are not crocheted or knit…but I did recall seeing some patterns for similar knit and crocheted lace cuffs from about the same year!


There is also an illustration of the costumes worn at the premiere also appear to have the cloaked heroine wearing white cuffs:


So I found the pattern they reminded me of, selected some yarn, thread, and hooks, and began to adapt and write a pattern for

Gilda’s Cuffs

Gilda's Cuffs Collage

These cute crochet cuffs are adapted from an 1848 design published just 3 years before the Premiere of Verdi’s opera Rigoletto.  The cuffs are named for the heroine of the opera, Gilda.  I hope you enjoy making them  for yourself or a friend!

Visit my Facebook Page to find the coupon code to get the pattern free for ONE DAY ONLY!

FEBRUARY 17, 2015

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Victorian CAL Cloth 2 ~ Crochet-Along Cloth of the Month

Tomorrow, on February 1st, the 2nd Crochet Cloth of the Month will be released.  It is a 1-Clue Mystery:  the mystery is that you will not know what the cloth looks like until you make it!  You can bring a little mystery and fun into your life, and look through a little window into the Victorian Era!

The cloths in the Victorian CAL Cloth are all inspired by stitch patterns, stories & poems I discover while reading Victorian books and magazines.  There will be a little ‘bonus’ pattern in with the cloth, too–last month there was a pattern for coasters to match the cloth, so it could be used as a table mat & coaster set.  What will the Bonus Pattern be for February?  It’s a mystery!

The February cloth is called Victorian CAL Cloth 2; you can pre-purchase now and receive an automatic update tomorrow with the full pattern.  You are welcome to join the West Coast Fibre Arts Group on Ravelry, to share comments & photos or ask for help if you need it.

For the first week, from now until 7th Feb. 2015 at midnight Pacific Time, the Victorian CAL Cloth 2 will be 50% off its regular low price of $1.95.

victorian CAL cloth 2

To make 1 cloth you will need: 

Worsted Weight cotton: 1 skein = 73.2 meters (80.0 yards), 50 grams
4mm/USG6/UK8 hook
The cloth only uses chain stitch, double crochet (Canadian/US terms used), and slip stitch.

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Mystery of Winter Yet To Come CAL KAL RAL

The Mystery of Winter Yet To Come

Crochet-along, Knit-along

now in Ravelry Store for pre-release signups.

You can get EITHER the Crochet OR the Knit pattern free,



from 21 – 27 January, 2015

the regular price is just $1.95, if you would like the 2nd pattern!

For the Ravel-along, to make the Mystery Accessory upcycling a felted wool sweater or using fleece fabric, go to

The Ravelled Hank of Yarn FaceBook Page

for more information!

Be sure to join the West Coast Fibre Arts Group so you can share comments, share “SPOILER” photos, keep up with the latest patterns and CALs & KALs, and more!

mystery of winter 2 collage2

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Mystery of Winter Yet To Come CAL, KAL, RAL, SAL

mystery of winter 2 collage2

The Second Winter Mystery for the 2014/2015 season is going to be available to sign up for tomorrow morning, 21 January 2015, in my Ravelry Pattern Store.

You can choose

EITHER the knit OR the crochet pattern


FROM 21 -27 JANUARY 2015

and then it will be just $1.95

Mystery of Winter Yet To Come:  What am I?  I’m an accessory that is fun and functional, and can keep you cosy while you watch your favourite hockey, basketball, football, or other sports team play, and I’m especially fun and useful to use at those chilly Tail-gate parties!  I can be made in any colours you choose—pick the colours of your Fave Team and make me with stripes that show your support!

Watch the post on here and on Facebook to make sure you get signed up for the CAL or KAL, and for information about the SAL = Sew A-long or RAL = Ravel A-long!

#SuperBowl #tailgateparty #CAL #KAL #MKAL #MCAL #teamcolours

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Victorian KAL Cloth of the Month

Join us on West Coast Fibre Arts for the very first

Victorian KAL Cloth of the Month!

Learn new stitches and read about what inspired the choices.

The pattern is just $1.95–and it is 50% off for the until January 21/2015 at midnight Pacific Time, in my Ravelry Store.  Pre-purchase now at 50% off, and the pattern will be automatically updated on January15/2015

victoiran KAL cloth1

Victorian women had the choice of dozens of magazines & books that either included or were devoted entirely to “Fancy Work,” which included all forms of fibre fun…knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery, patchwork, sewing, millinery, and more.  We are fortunate that some of these have been preserved in private collections, libraries, and museums–and that many institutions and organizations have made the works available online for those of us intrigued by the needlework and needle-workers of the past.

Sometimes I just browse through these works, jotting down bits and pieces that intrigue me.  Though I may begin with a search for a particular subject or item–for instance, I may search for “crochet hood”–I invariably get sidetracked and end up wandering down various side-paths and byways–many of them unrelated to knitting or crochet (which is what happened when I was looking for a stitch to use for the first Victorian KAL Cloth!).

I set myself the goal of having one Crochet Cloth of the Month AND one Knit Cloth of the Month this year, all based on Victorian era stitch patterns & offered to my faithful followers and new readers in the form of a little Mystery CAL or KAL.  There is only 1 ‘clue’ for each cloth–the entire pattern is released on the pattern release day–but it will be a mystery what stitches are used until you make the cloth!

What may make this even more fun is that I will be using the stitches from the cloths to make a longer Mystery KAL or CAL later on!  Making the cloths is a way to learn how to do the required stitches.  If you need help with them, you can ask now–then when the other project comes up, you will be ready.

I hope you’ll join us…and there is now a West Coast Fibre Arts Ravelry Group, too, where you can share comments, photos, meet others, and make sure you don’t miss new CAL and KAL projects!

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It’s a Mystery: Victorian CAL Cloth

CAL: Starting on Thursday, January 1/2015 there will be a monthly
“Victorian CAL Cloth”
On Ravelry they will be called “Victorian CAL Cloth 1″, “Victorian CAL Cloth 2″, etc.

The pattern will be a mini-CAL with just 1 ‘mystery clue’ release.  Be sure to join the West Coast Fibre Arts Group on Ravelry to post comments, add your “spoiler photos” and make new fibre friends!

victorian CAL cloth 1

The first Mystery for January is FREE FOR THE FIRST 20 PEOPLE:  at the Ravelry checkout, use the coupon code


But everyone will get a 50% discount for the first week the Mystery pattern is released–until midnight Pacific time on January 7th.


This is a wonderful way to explore stitch patterns from the past, using inexpensive worsted weight ‘dishcloth’ cotton–instead of just making a swatch, you end up with a useable item that makes a wonderful gift if you add a bar of hand crafted soap from your favourite local business!  I will also suggest other uses for the stitch pattern we explore in making the cloth.

If you knit as well as crochet–or knit but do not crochet!–you may be interested in the

“Victorian KAL Cloth of the Month”

which will be released on the 15th of every month!

victoiran KAL cloth1

Head over the Ravelry Pattern page to get the Mystery “Victorian CAL Cloth 1″…regular price is just $1.95, so until January 7th you can get it for less than $1


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