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She sells seashells…

I had hoped to have this pattern published earlier in the day–I’m just a few minutes late for the first day of summer with the “Wrinkled Shell Cloth” ! Making a cloth is a useful way to learn new stitches and this cloth is an interesting combination from the 1880s.

wrinkled shell cloth

The pattern will be available free, to celebrate the beginning of summer, for just one week.  I hope you will take the time to visit my Facebook Page to find the code you’ll need…and show support and help me by hitting the ‘Like’ button on Facebook and adding the design to Favourites on Ravelry as well  😉 Thanks!

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Happy Mother’s Day! Free Pattern today only

Geillis Cloth no starch2Geillis Cloth no starch An easy and fun way to make a d’oyley that you don’t have to re-starch! This would be pretty framed, too.  See this FaceBook post for how to get the pattern free only today May 10/2015 ~ Happy Mother’s Day!

no starch Geillis d'oyley

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Geillis Cloth


Soon I will be releasing a new design: the Geillis Gathering Wrap.  If you are a fan of the new television series, Outlander, you will know that Geillis is a healing woman well versed in knowledge of plants used for medicinal purposes.  In fact, we first see her out in the woods where Claire is gathering mushrooms.  In this scene she is wearing an interesting wrap–part shawl, part vest.  I am designing a Wrap inspired by the one Geillis is wearing.  I am not trying to make it look just like Geillis’s–mine will, however, share a similar style.  The final pattern will have instructions to make the Wrap, a shawl, a scarf, a cowl, and more.  I think matching fingerless mitts would be nice, too!

The Geillis Cloth pattern is a way to learn some of the lace stitches used in the Geillis Gathering Wrap.  You learn the stitches, and end up with a small (about 6 inch by 6 inch) cloth that is perfect to use under your coffee mug, or it would be a nice gift with a couple of small sample size handmade soaps!

I hope that if you enjoy this pattern, you will show your support by putting it in your Ravelry Favourites, and if you make one please link to my design on Ravelry too.  You’re also welcome to share photos and comments on my Facebook page.  If you find any errors or have any questions or need any help with the pattern, please contact me–on Facebook is usually the quickest way to get in touch.



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Entwisted Cloth Knitting Pattern

Entwisted Cloth

The “Entwisted Cloth” free pattern, designed to thank all my followers and fans on Facebook for “1000 Likes Milestone Reached” is now available in my Ravelry Pattern Store.  Please take a moment to add it to your Favourites in Ravelry and feel free to share the link on Facebook.

This cloth is knitted with a simple but really effective knitted mesh lace that I found in a Victorian book from 1871. There are a lot of photos–so if you are a beginning knitter you can make this cloth.  All you need to know is cast on, knit, slip a stitch, yarn forward, knit 2 together, and cast off.  If you haven’t done a yarn over or a knit 2 together, there is a photo tutorial at the end of the pattern to show how to do them.

Soon there will be another design in “A Victorian Potpourri for Bed and Bath” that uses this stitch pattern, and making a cloth is a really useful way to learn new stitches.  I think this cloth in the size I made only used about 25g of worsted weight Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (with 5mm needles), so you could make a set of 3 from a ball of cotton–a lovely gift for someone on your Christmas gift, if you wrap it up with a bar of locally handcrafted soap!


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A Victorian Potpourri for Bed & Bath: Ocean Spray Cloth

ocean shetland 8


This lace stitch comes from an 1867 pattern for a Shetland Shawl, forming the large centre square. In the original shawl, there is a wide 18 inch Shell or “Old Shale” border around it.  I made this cloth with 5mm needles and about 35g of worsted weight cotton.  To make it you need to be able to cast on, cast off, knit, knit 2 together, knit 3 together, yarn over.  I crocheted a single crochet and then crab stitch round on mine to finish the edge, but you can also leave it just as knitted.

There will be a variety of patterns in this series using different stitch patterns and re-worked designs, both crocheted and knitted: soapsaver bag, slippers, a cushion, lace curtains, and more!  They will be available singly then, later, as an e-book which you can buy at a discount if you have already purchased individual patterns.

Ocean Spray cloth Victorian Potpourri collage

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The Painted Veil Cloth



Just a little more 1884 knitted lace…and another cloth, this one is approximately 6″ by 6″ and uses worsted weight cotton with 5mm needles again.

I found these two lace stitch patterns in the instructions for a baby’s veil. This is my interpretation of the instructions, as they used different terminology in those days.  I am using them in another design-in-progress using hand-painted yarn, and the cloth is the way I practiced the stitches.

If you like the combination, watch for more “Painted Veil” patterns!

You can use any worsted weight cotton to make these small cloths.  I like to use them on my desk, under my coffee mug.  They are also great to use for small clean-up jobs instead of a piece of paper towel!  Or make a couple to use as washcloths, and include a bar of locally-made soap as a nice little gift to a friend or co-worker.


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