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Prairie Farmers Winter Gifts #1

To celebrate the chilly winter season I released the first pattern in “The Prairie Farmers Winter Gifts” series:  The Farmer’s Wife Messy Bun Toque.


These are close-fitting toques that will keep you warm while you do your chores, go sleigh riding, or enjoy a walk in the woods.  A hole in the top accommodates your bun (messy or neat) or ponytail.  There are variations to make a regular toque or one for a low ponytail–and a BONUS pattern for a headband, too!

They feature my variation on a stitch pattern I found in The Prairie Farmer Weekly Journal from 1886.  It is easy to do, and creates a reversible fabric that looks knit on one side and has a pebbled, honeycomb-like texture on the “right side.”

The Messy Bun Toques are very quick to crochet, as they use #6 Super Bulky yarn and a 10mm hook (plus a 7mm hook for 2 rounds).  I used Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, readily available, soft, easy care, and hypoallergenic 100% acrylic.

Watch tomorrow for the next pattern in The Prairie Farmers Winter Gifts series…it will be a quick to knit soft stuffed toy re-written from an 1887 design, using #4 medium weight yarn and 3.25mm needles.  I used 8 different colours, but only a small amount of each yarn will be needed.  You can also use 1 or 2 colours.  It took me about 3 hours to complete.

ALL 70+ PATTERNS IN MY RAVELRY STORE ARE ON SALE 50% OFF UNTIL THE END OF DECEMBER USING THE COUPON CODE winter AT THE CHECKOUT.  Maker sure the discount is applied before you complete the purchase as I am unable to refund for pattern sales.

If you need any help or spot any errors, please contact me on Ravelry or on my Facebook Page.

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Going Fishing With My Hook!

Out here on the West Coast, it has been a pretty nice fall; the leaves are really starting to change colour and drop, and there have been warm sunny days.  All the apples have ripened and been frozen or canned as pie filling or applesauce.  The garden is just about ready to be dug under for its winter rest.  

The sunny days  brought out the urge to go fishing, and see what I could catch..so I dug around in my workbasket and brought out some hooks…and soon you will see that I have hooked some very unusual, very colourful and most succulent fish!  The very first thing I did was to go fishing on the internet to find Mrs. T’s wonderful fish recipe, which you will find here.  I have wanted to try out her special fish recipe for a long, long time, since it first appeared in fact, but found that it was taking me a long, long time to make it–many months.  So I have come up with a way to make the fish a different way–with just one hook and a long yarn fishing line!  Mrs. T. has very graciously given me permission to share my hooked version of her very popular pattern, and as soon as I am able to get some nice pictures to share with you, I will post my pattern for the West Coast Fish Hat.

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