Pokemon Magikarp Inspired Hat

Magic Carp sale CollageTo celebrate the release of #PokemonGO in Canada, the #Magikarp Inspired Magic Carp Hat pattern and readymade hats are on sale 25% off from now until the end of July/2016!


This popular hat is sure to win the prize for the funniest fish ever. If you don’t crochet… get your friend, grandma, or aunt to make you one! Use Red Heart SuperSaver and you can make 2 or 3 hats for just $20! When you buy hats for $50 to $80 plus, it is because it takes several hours to make it ūüôā ¬† If you do want to make your own and need any help, it is quickest to contact me on Facebook–the link is on the right of the webpage. ¬†Be sure to ‘Like’ the Facebook page so you are notified when patterns and hats are available. ¬†Watch in coming days for a new, fun Magikarp Inspired design!

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O Canada! Happy 149th Birthday!

Maple Leaf Forever Lucky Penny Holder

lucky penny maple leaf forever2

Celebrate Canada’s 149th Birthday by making a Maple Leaf that will hold a lucky penny! You can attach a necklace chain to the top of the centre to use it as a pendant, or just keep it in your wallet or bag for good luck! NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOT MEANT TO GIVE TO YOUNG CHILDREN, AS COINS ARE A CHOKING HAZARD.  Though the coin will stay inside the holder in ordinary use, the yarn can stretch and the coin come out.

Spend a few minutes celebrating Canada’s birthday evening making this cute little penny holder. ¬†If you don’t have embroidery thread, try sock yarn or even size 10 crochet cotton. IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE a Maple Leaf Forever Lucky Penny Holder for $2, I will be placing them for sale on my Facebook Page for local pickup only until we know if there is going to be a Canada Post strike.¬† When I’m able to mail them, they will be $3 including postage by regular snail mail.

Maple Leaf Forever Pattern $1.49 Canadian

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She sells seashells…

I had hoped to have this pattern published earlier in the day–I’m just a¬†few minutes late for the first day of summer¬†with¬†the “Wrinkled Shell Cloth” ! Making a cloth¬†is a useful way to learn new¬†stitches and this cloth is an interesting combination from the 1880s.

wrinkled shell cloth

The pattern will be available free, to celebrate the beginning of summer, for just one week. ¬†I hope you will take the time to visit my Facebook Page to find the code you’ll need…and show support and help me by hitting the ‘Like’ button on Facebook and adding the design to Favourites on Ravelry as well ¬†ūüėČ Thanks!

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1st day of Summer: June 20

Put June 20th on your memo pad… it is the first day of Summer and you’ll find lots of ways to celebrate. ¬†

I’ll be releasing a new Summer Lace design…

and Interweave Store will be¬†having a¬†super 40% off Sale for one day only! The link is already posted on the right hand side of by blog, but the Sale is on JUNE 20/2016, so come back then to click through and browse. ¬†[disclosure: I am an ‘affiliate’ and if you click through from my blog I will make a little bit from the sales made at that time; this helps keep my blog and my patterns going. ¬†Thanks!]


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“Wicker Basket”Crochet Pattern

13178674_10154029975611885_2643472324618950876_nThis year for Mother’s Day I made my daughter & daughter-in-law these felted crochet¬†Wicker Baskets. ¬†Quick to make in Super Bulky yarn with a 15mm hook, you can felt them in your sink using a bit of dish detergent to help the process! The Baskets can be used to put a vase of flowers or a potted plant in… or how about using one in your bathroom to hold guest hand towels?13177155_10154029975401885_493676877885393692_n



I did not measure my baskets; they are approximately 6 inches wide and 6 inches high after felting.

You will need approximately 2 ounces of Super Bulky 100% wool. I used vintage White Buffalo 6 strand unspun roving, which is no longer available, but you can use Briggs & Little “Country Roving,”¬†Custom Woolen Mills “Prairie Wool Bulky 6-Strand” or other similar yarns. [White Buffalo Unspun:¬†122 yards (112 meters);¬†227 grams (8 ounces)]

15mm and 6mm crochet hooks


INSTRUCTIONS for Wicker Basket

Using the 15mm hook:

Round 1.  Chain 2; in 2nd chain from hook work 7 single crochet; slip stitch in the first stitch to join; chain 1 but do NOT turn.  [7 stitches]

Round 2.  Work 2 single crochet in each stitch; slip stitch in the first stitch of this round to join; chain 1 but do NOT turn.  [14 stitches]

Round 3.  *Work 2 single crochet in next stitch, 1 single crochet in next; repeat from * to the end of the round; slip stitch in the first stitch of this round to join; chain 1 but do NOT turn.  [21 stitches]

Round 4. ¬†Back post single crochet in each stitch¬†to the end of the round; slip stitch in the first stitch of this round to join; chain 1 but do NOT turn. ¬†[21 stitches; this round is worked as “back post single crochet” because it gives a really nice edge on the bottom of the basket]13177675_10154029976571885_7152070352822707505_n

Rounds 5 Р10.  Work 1 single crochet in each stitch to the end of the round; slip stitch in the first stitch of this round to join; chain 1 but do NOT turn.

Round 11.  Work 1 slip stitch in each stitch to the end of the round; fasten off, weave in ends.


FELT the finished piece in your preferred way of felting. ¬†Though some people like felting in the machine, I prefer felting by hand in the sink or in a bowl. There are tons of photo and video tutorials for felting–try a search on YouTube or Google ūüôā I ¬†run some very hot water in the sink, add a squish of dish detergent (I used Sunlight brand this time; Dawn works well also, for me), then roll, squeeze, etc. until felted. ¬†It helps to rinse and squeeze occasionally in cold water before plunging back into hot–I make several changes of water. ¬†The shock of the water temperature changes helps the felting process.


I added a flower for trim, which I also felted.  For this I used the same yarn with a 6mm hook. It is worked in one piece.

Step 1:¬†Chain 11; slip stitch in the 11th chain from the hook [the first chain you made]; *chain 10, slip stitch in the same stitch you made the other slip stitch in; repeat from * 3 times more–you should have 5 petals; Step 2:¬†chain 11; slip stitch in the 2nd chain from the hook, single crochet in the next, half double crochet in the next, double crochet in the next, half double crochet in the next, slip stitch in the next [leaf made]; Step 3:¬†chain 5 or 6 for the stem. ¬†Fasten off.


I used the 6mm hook and the same yarn, and made a long chain which I felted–don’t forget that it will shrink quite a lot in felting, so make it longer than you need it to be when finished. ¬†I left a foot long tail on each piece, rolling it in my hands to make it more like yarn–when that was felted I cut if off the thicker chain, and used it to fasten the flower to the basket, sewing it in a couple of places. ¬†I threaded the chain strip through the holes in the basket, then tied in a bow.13094359_10154029975526885_1133094453296738478_n

This pattern is Copyright protected. ¬†To share, please post a link to this page or the Ravelry page. ¬†I would truly appreciate if you shared the page on Facebook, or Twitter, added to “Favourites” on Ravelry, etc.

If you need help or find an error, please contact me–it is usually quickest to send a personal message on the West Coast Fibre Arts Facebook page (link on right on website!)


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Happy Easter from Fiver the Rabbit

Here is a cute little Bunny Egg to celebrate Easter this year.  Fiver is named after a hero in one of my favourite books, Watership Down.  He will hop into your life in double quick time because he is made with super bulky yarn and a 6.5mm hook!

I also include the pattern for a smaller rabbit egg, and some notes for how I dyed the wool fleece in the photos using spices from my kitchen cabinet.

Hop on over to Ravelry to see how you can get the pattern free for Easter Sunday and Monday, March 27 & 28/2016–after that he is just $1.95 Canadian (a great deal for US buyers!!). ¬†I live on disability benefits, and the income from my patterns and selling finished items helps with bills, food, and other essentials as well as making it possible to buy a little fibre and yarn to continue making new designs and items.

Fiver the Rabbit on Ravelry

Easter Bunny Photo

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Mini Mystery KAL

Countdown Shetland Style Mini Mystery KAL

A spur-of-the-moment Mystery with just this ONE clue!

I came across a cute little pattern while I was browsing through a Victorian era magazine online and as I’m watching the clock waiting for the New Year to roll in out here on Vancouver Island I decided to write it up and offer it as a mini-mystery!

I haven’t finished knitting my samples yet… when I do, I will add photos in my Ravelry Group. ¬†When I’m fairly certain there are no errors in the pattern I will add photos and update it, too! ¬†If you spot any errors please let me know ūüôā

Please add to Favourites, queue, link to it on Ravelry, and I hope you’ll share your photos on Facebook or in Ravelry. ¬†Let me know if you need help!

Countdown shetland style photo




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