Asphodel Meadows

Asphodel Meadows Collage

Asphodel Meadows crochet design is offered free to thank all my Facebook fans and followers, to celebrate reaching the Milestone of 1000 “Likes” on my page, West Coast: Super, Natural.  If you look at the top post on my page you will find a link to a HUGE Giveaway that I am participating in; there are over two dozen vendors offering prizes to celebrate “Milestones Madness and More”…just click on the link and you’ll be whisked over to the page where you can enter!  You can also click right here:  Milestones Madness and More Giveaway

Asphodel Meadows was Inspired by:

asphodel whiteAsphodeline yellow

Ode on Saint Cecilia’s Day

By the streams that ever flow,

By the fragrant winds that blow

O’er th’ Elysian flow’rs,

By those happy souls who dwell

In yellow meads of Asphodel,

Or Amaranthine bow’rs…

                             ~ Alexander Pope

This pattern is for a quick little flower motif that was originally used for a lamp cover in an 1861 French magazine, La Mode Illustrée. I think it would be lovely as a floral shawl or scarf—or, in worsted weight, an afghan. I have tons of photos in the pattern to help you make this 3-Round flower, and how to join the flowers as you go (you could sew them together after you make them if you prefer).  I also show how I made it into a pendant for a necklace.  While it would be nice made in one colour, I would love to see something made with either self-striping yarn or with flowers made in different colours. I hope that if you make something using this motif, you will share photos on my Facebook page, West Coast: Super, Natural, or link to the design on Ravelry: “Asphodel Meadows.”



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