August Flowers ~ Dahlia

I have had a busy summer of knitting, crochet, dyeing and other fibre-fun, but have not been posting very often on my blog! I have been busier on Facebook, and if you would like to see more of my summer fun, that is a good place to check out some of the posts.  I have been trying eco-dyeing–love it!!! Mahonia/Oregon grape berries, wildflowers, salal…even pennies and beans! some create really interesting fabrics and wool, others do not.  It is an inexpensive way to explore new colours and to enjoy the forests and meadows.


Tonight I finished a new design to share with you: the first in a series I am calling “August Flowers”: the Dahlia D’Oyley and Cloth.  It is available in my Ravelry store.  I do hope that to show your support for all the hours I spend researching antique patterns, redesigning and rewriting them, working them into new items, etc., you will add my designs to your ‘favourites’ on Ravelry, or comment on a Facebook post or photo–better yet, share some of your own work on my Facebook page 🙂 I love to see what others are making!




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