PopBerries–a bowlful of berrylicious treats!

A set of 9 adoreable crocheted PopBerries & a little bowl, too! PopBerries are each approximately 1 & 1/4″ to 1 & 1/2″ in diameter; bowl is 3″ across bottom, 4″ across top, 2 ” high.

Buy the pattern and crochet your own, or order a set made just for you! Acrylic yarn–may contain some wool  or other fibre; if allergies are a concern, please contact me and I will make a set that is 100% acrylic.  $14.95 plus shipping/introductory price until May 1/2014 (bear not included!)

Your children will play with these adorable little Berries for hours, and you can make a set in no time at all. They make a perfect present for a birthday–be ready to make additional sets when your children’s friends see them! They make fun play food–who could resist a bowlful of PopBerries for breakfast?–and are fun to use as mini balls to roll and toss around without fear of hurting anyone, as they are so tiny and light! They also make great pocket pals to take along on walks and car trips.

Each little treasure only takes a few yards of yarn, and you can adjust the size by using thinner or thicker yarn, and larger or smaller hooks. I actually used a 4.25mm hook for the Berries, but Ravelry doesn’t list the option in their chart.

Watch on Facebook and my blog for new PopBerry patterns and other play food items to keep your little ones happy!

If you find any errors, need any help, or would like to comment please contact me on Ravelry, my blog, or FaceBook. If you enjoy this pattern please add it to your favourites on Ravelry (heart!) and if you make some PopBerries please link your project to the design–thanks so much!

PopBerries 9 piece setPopBerryCollage1



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