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Victorian Flowers Friday: Lenten Rose

Today is the first Victorian Flowers Friday pattern, and I have chosen a flower I call the Lenten or Christmas Rose.  The original pattern is in with a Coverlet design, in an 1889 women’s magazine.  The flower pattern is free–a fun way to celebrate Friday, and the arrival of the weekend!  I will post Victorian Flowers most Fridays (though I am sure the odd one will be missed due to chronic ill health & other things beyond control).

This flower is very simple–you can make it in crochet thread or in fingering to bulky weight yarn, depending on what you are using it for.  Just use the correct hook size for your yarn.  The flowers in the photo and in the pattern are made with aran weight yarn and a 4mm hook.

I will rework the rest of the Coverlet pattern, too, and publish it as a separate design.  If you join my Ravelry Group or watch my FaceBook page, I’ll announce there when it is available.  Ravelry is free to join, if you are not a member!  If you are, I’d appreciate it if you Queue my pattern and add it to Favourites–it all helps me as a designer.

Victorian Flowers Lenten Rose

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