Fleurs de Lis for Paris Tote Bag

I find knitting with 4mm needles and aran weight yarn (Red Heart Super Saver Solids, aran colour) a lot easier than 2mm needles and size 10 thread (Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo Crochet Thread)!  I decided to use the Fleurs de Lis for Parris KAL pattern to make a tote bag.  Since I’ll need 2 of the squares, I am making them both now so I don’t get stuck in “second sock syndrome”–I don’t want to finish 1 square then move on to another project, and wait weeks for the inspiration to knit the 2nd!  All I have to do is knit 1 square with the yarn end from the centre of the skein, and the second square with the yarn end from the outside of the skein.


I knit today’s 10 rows in the thread first. I haven’t decided what to make with the square–but it is too hard on my old eyes to knit enough squares for a large project!  I also find the thin needles aggravate the arthritis in my knuckles and finger joints.

I have finished my three sets of pattern rows for Day 2, so now I am going to browse through a Victorian era magazine that is filled with amazing illustrations and patterns.  The magazine is in French, but with the aid of online translation and knitting/crochet term charts I have made several La Mode designs.

1869 La Mode illustrée: journal de la famille

la mode 1869


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