Life of a Monarch Butterfly Playset

This cute little playset will help you teach your young children about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies and how the shortage of one little plant—the Milkweed wildflower—can impact a whole species. I hope this project will help raise awareness of this issue and encourage people to plant Milkweed: plant a little or a lot, and the Monarch Butterflies will thank you by visiting your balcony or garden!

monarch collage

I loved the #knit4monarchs April Fool’s Day video from the David Suzuki Foundation bringing awareness to the #gotmilkweed campaign to help bring back the Monarch Butterflies by planting milkweed wildflowers. As I’m an older, single woman on Disability Benefits I find it impossible to donate funds to organizations that I really feel are doing vitally important research and conservation work…but I CAN knit & crochet and I CAN design patterns–so I designed this cute kids toy which will, I hope, do 2 things: help raise funds for the David Suzuki Foundation; & help kids learn a little about the Monarch Butterfly life cycle in a fun and interactive way!

Coming soon: more playsets to help support other organizations that are helping our planet and all its inhabitants, whether they fly, walk, or swim!

WCFA flutterby

NOTE: I am not associated or affiliated with the David Suzuki Foundation in any way.  The “Life of a Monarch Butterfly Playset” is unknown to their organization and is solely my idea.  The funds I donate from selling my pattern will be a personal donation made just as you may go to their website and donate to the Foundation.  If at any time I stop donating 50% of the profits from pattern sales of this design I will remove the statement of intent to do so from the pattern and sales listings.



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2 responses to “Life of a Monarch Butterfly Playset

  1. Lovely idea, the play set is beautiful.

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