Free Patterns

What is the best way to keep some patterns free in my Ravelry Store, and more freebies added? DO NOT COPY & PASTE THE PATTERN ON YOUR BLOG OR FACEBOOK PAGE, DO NOT EMBED THE PDF FILE DIRECTLY ON YOUR PAGE. Please post a link to the pattern page, blog, or Facebook post instead.  That way other crocheters, knitters, and crafters come to check out my work, see my other posts and designs, etc.  A little bit of love–and sharing–makes the designs keep flowing.

Remember: Just because a designer posts a pattern “free” without charging


mean it is right–or legal–to share it improperly.

The freebies are fun, and they are a way 1) to thank my followers and fans; 2) they work like advertising to get my designing “name” out into the crafting world.  The 2nd only works if people post a link to the pattern page, or to my Facebook page, or to my blog.  When I find a pattern is being shared illegally, I have to spend a lot of time writing to different places to get it removed, and it causes frustration and bad feelings.  Yesterday I changed another pattern from FREE to PAID after the 3rd time I found it being shared improperly. I did the same last week to a pattern.  The pattern I changed from Free to Paid last week has sold copies since then, so I know that I could be charging for all of my designs…but I would like to keep some FREE to show my appreciation to those who support my work!

Here are the 2 latest free patterns: please share links to the Blog or to the Ravelry Pattern pages, not the patterns!

Victorian Flowers Eglantine Rose collageVictorian Flowers Lenten Rose


#CrochetFlowers #FreePattern #VictorianCrochet


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