It’s a Mystery: Victorian CAL Cloth

CAL: Starting on Thursday, January 1/2015 there will be a monthly
“Victorian CAL Cloth”
On Ravelry they will be called “Victorian CAL Cloth 1”, “Victorian CAL Cloth 2”, etc.

The pattern will be a mini-CAL with just 1 ‘mystery clue’ release.  Be sure to join the West Coast Fibre Arts Group on Ravelry to post comments, add your “spoiler photos” and make new fibre friends!

victorian CAL cloth 1

The first Mystery for January is FREE FOR THE FIRST 20 PEOPLE:  at the Ravelry checkout, use the coupon code


But everyone will get a 50% discount for the first week the Mystery pattern is released–until midnight Pacific time on January 7th.


This is a wonderful way to explore stitch patterns from the past, using inexpensive worsted weight ‘dishcloth’ cotton–instead of just making a swatch, you end up with a useable item that makes a wonderful gift if you add a bar of hand crafted soap from your favourite local business!  I will also suggest other uses for the stitch pattern we explore in making the cloth.

If you knit as well as crochet–or knit but do not crochet!–you may be interested in the

“Victorian KAL Cloth of the Month”

which will be released on the 15th of every month!

victoiran KAL cloth1

Head over the Ravelry Pattern page to get the Mystery “Victorian CAL Cloth 1″…regular price is just $1.95, so until January 7th you can get it for less than $1



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