Weaver’s Cowl Pattern

A new design in the “Victorian Women Today” series is available, named to honour a magazine editor,  Jane Weaver

This cowl is based on a stitch found in an 1862 women’s magazine, the well-known “Peterson’s Magazine;” the needlework editor at this period was Mrs. Jane Weaver.  Jane’s name is found on many of the patterns published in the magazine while she was editor, and though it doesn’t necessarily mean she actually designed them they are an interesting assortment of designs.  Some were for finished items—shawls, slippers, etc.—but I spotted this one and decided to try the stitch.  It is indeed “pretty and simple,” and has the look of a woven herringbone stitch.  It is very elastic, much like a rib stitch but—I think—prettier!  Though she suggests its use for knitting a jacket, her directions are very vague:  “The best way to knit a jacket is to cut a paper pattern of the size required, in three pieces, the two fronts and the back, and to work from these.  To commence, cast on sufficient loops for the bottom of the back, narrowing on each side according to the shape….” I did not knit a jacket with the stitch but I have used it to knit both an infinity cowl and a buttoned cowl!


Weaver's Cowl Collage


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