Countdown to Christmas: Pop, Pop, Pop!

Have you been following along on my Facebook Page to see the daily Free-For-3-Hours pattern?  Sometimes it is a newly released design, sometimes it is a design I’m currently using myself to make something.  That is the case with today’s special: the Pattypan Squash!  I am making up a small Kittens in a Row Tote and filling it with tasty Farmer’s Market selections!kittens in a row totepattypan logo

I am also working on some of the cute and popular little Play Foods:  the PopBerries!  I am designing a new set, too, Christmas Berries–be sure to watch for the new pattern out very soon.

PopBerries © 2014WendyMAndersonAllRightsReserved

PopBerries © 2014WendyMAndersonAllRightsReserved

So don’t forget to check back in on my Facebook Page later today to find out just when the pattern will be free for a short time, and what the coupon code will be.  If you ‘Like’ the West Coast: Super, Natural page and also click ‘like’ or comment on a post, the new posts will show up in your own news feed so you can see the Daily special!


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