Myadora Cowl and Myadora Cloth

Tonight I added 2 new designs to my Ravelry Store:

Myadora Cowl and Myadora Cloth.

I Adora2Myadora cloth9

They are both based on a stitch pattern I found in a Victorian era women’s magazine.  The original design was for a very small d’oyley meant to be used on a ladies’ dressing or ‘toilet’ table, worked in cotton crochet thread.  My thread version, using size 10 thread and a 1.25mm hook , is about 4 inches across.

Myadora cloth5Myadora cloth6

The cowls and the cloths both work up very quickly.  The cloths can be made either with the magic circle beginning pulled tightly closed or left loose as in the original design.  I have used it this way as a perfect eco-friendly paper towel substitute, as a stack of them fit onto a countertop paper towel holder–you just have to find one that doesn’t have a nob on the top!  You can make the cloths any size you like by working more or fewer rounds.  I used Bernat Handicrafter cotton for most of my cloths, with a 5mm hook.  A pair of cloths with a bar of locally made, eco-friendly artisan soap would be a very nice little holiday gift; so would a stack of them on a countertop holder for your eco-conscious friends or family!

The cowls I made are about 30 inches around the neck, and 7 inches deep.  Their size, too, can easily be adjusted.  To make them longer or shorter around the neck–or if you are using a larger or smaller hook than the 7mm hook I used–just start with more or less chain stitches:  just remember you need to start with a multiple of 4 stitches.  You can make the cowl longer by working more rounds.  They are so quick to make that you could easily make them as lovely gifts for Christmas.

If you make either or both of these patterns and need any help or find any errors, please contact me.  The quickest way to get in touch is usually a personal message on my West Coast: Super, Natural Facebook Page.

I will be adding several cowls on my Facebook Page that are ready to purchase. Please ask if you would like to order one in a certain colour, wool or acrylic yarn, etc.

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