Tour de Fleece and Entwisted Cloth

Pelerine Elisabeth Buddy fleece

Today is the beginning of the Tour de Fleece. I’m in Team Canada and getting set to spin a few yards. My Tour de Fleece goal is to spin all the yarn I need for my “Pelerine Elisabeth” which is a cape-like garment I am re-working from a Victorian-era French design. And I don’t read or speak French, even though I live in an officially bi-lingual country…oops. Maybe my secondary goal should be to learn to speak French a little, too, even a phrase or word a day! Eh!

Entwisted Cloth

As well, today, I am finishing the pattern for another “A Victorian Potpourri for Bed and Bath” design.  The “Entwisted Cloth” will be a free pattern offered to thank all my followers and fans on Facebook for “1000 Likes Milestone Reached”  It is a simple but really effective knitted mesh lace that I found in a Victorian book from 1871. There will be tons of photos–so if you are a beginning knitter you can make this cloth.  All you need to know is cast on, knit, slip a stitch, yarn forward, knit 2 together, and cast off.  If you haven’t done a yarn over or a knit 2 together, a photo will show you the how it looks.  Always remember to search on Google or on Youtube for tutorials for these basic knitting instructions too.  They are the basics of all lace knitting, and they open up a new world from basic stockinette stitch (knit one row, then purl one row) or garter stitch (knit every row).

I made a very simple crocheted edging on my cloth, but you don’t have to do that if you don’t know how to crochet or prefer it without it.  I also show what it would look like with just a row of single crochet around the edges, or a chain loop edging.

This stitch pattern will be used in another larger project in the Victorian Potpourri for Bed and Bath series, and making a cloth is a useful way to learn the stitch.  Tomorrow I will be publishing another free cloth pattern as a “1000 Likes Milestone Reached” thank you for Facebook followers! It will be based on a Victorian crochet stitch pattern and will also be used in a larger project later on.

The patterns for the Ocean Spray Cloth and the 1888 Slumber Slippers may already be found in my RAVELRY PATTERN STORE  as instant Pdf downloads for just $1.95 each.

Victorian Potpourri collageslumber slippersOcean Spray cloth


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