Kittens in a Row Market Bag Tote

kittens in a row tote

The pattern release for the Kittens in a Row Market Bags was delayed when my REAL kitten, Nebulon, was missing for 2 days.  I was so worried about her that when I wasn’t out looking for her, I couldn’t concentrate on my crocheting, knitting, or pattern writing.

Nibbie nib

On Sunday, however, I found my tiny Niblet.  She was very close to the house–and it is a great reminder if you have cats, like mine, who are “inside only” pets: they want outside so badly, but when they DO escape, they are terrified!  Many, like Niblet, will hide for days under a porch, shed, shrubs, or in any other hidey-hole that makes them feel secure, too scared to respond even when the person they love and trust is nearby talking to them, calling them, shaking their special treats, etc.  If it ever happens again, I now know my “inside only” cats will probably be right in my own yard or the neighbouring yards.

Now, with Nebulon safe at home, I have finished the Farmers Market: Kittens in a Row Tote.  You can make it in 3 sizes, using worsted weight yarn.  It takes approximately 4 ounces of yarn for the small, 6 ounces for the medium, or 10 for the large–and that is TOTAL amounts, I did not measure to see how much of each colour I used.  There are several different ways you can make it–with just the handles, with a shoulder strap added, or as a drawstring Dufflebag.  You can make it in 2 colours, or more!  It is lots of fun to make, watching the abstract kitties appear.  There will be more patterns in the Farmers Market Series: more totes, pinafore style tops for the little girls in your life, more fruits and vegetables and other Farm and Market toys!


bagsmedium K I R tote Collage


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