EGGSES Pattern E-Book!


Collage2 eggs Collage2012-01-03 05.34.09sheep lamb

EGGSES E-Book: 41 pages of fun!  7 different animal Egg Cosies–Chicken/Duck, Rabbit, Cat, Sheep, Octopus, Horse/Unicorn, and Elephant–that are also fun just to use as toys, with a knit and a crochet pattern for each one, PLUS matching egg-shaped babies that can be fibre-filled toys or they can be made as egg cosies, too:  perfect for hardboiled eggs for fun-filled lunches!  That is 14 EGGSES PARENT PATTERNS AND 6 EGG PATTERNS (WITH 14  INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE EGGS INTO BABY ANIMALS): large eggs, small eggs, and opening eggs.

mitts Collage

ALSO INCLUDED: suggestions how to use the patterns to make thumbless mittens–made in cotton for bath-time, or in yarn for keeping fingers warm.

BONUS PATTERNS:  A crocheted Princess egg cosy, and her knitted mythical pony-tailed friend.


All the Eggses Parents are worked flat then sewn or crocheted together (you can crochet together with slip stitch). The crocheted Eggses Babies are worked in the round; the knit Babies are worked flat then sewn.

These crocheted and knitted children’s toys are quick and fun to create from oddments of yarn left over from other projects. The size of yarns, needles, and hooks will determine the size of your finished Eggses.

I used a variety of worsted weight yarns, with 3.5, 4, 4.25 & 4.5 mm hooks; and 4.5 and 5mm needles.

Though these are perfect for Spring & Easter time, your children will play with these toys for hours and their imaginations will soar as they incorporate other toys and collections into their games!

This photo shows a crocheted Blue EGGSES Elephant Parent Cosy and opening Baby Eggses; and a knitted Red elephant Parent Cosy and its stuffed-toy style baby Eggses.

elephants Collage


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