Lady Edith’s London Nights & Tea With Lady Grantham Patterns

lady edith green dress


Lady Edith’s London Nights Shawl pattern is now available as a paid pdf download.  As with some other patterns I’ve designed, it was free to follow along on my blog, row by row, as I designed it.  Once these “work along with me” patterns are complete I leave the free version online for a few days (or a few weeks) until I consolidate it into a pdf file:  then the free online version is removed, and the paid Instant Download Pdf file becomes available.

lady e another Collage

20140317_144020 20140317_144114

I’d like to thank designer of the Jimmy Beans Wool “Downton Abbey 2014 KAL” shawl, Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich, who graciously gave me permission to design a crocheted version of her shawl, inspired by its shape and style. If you have any questions about the crochet shawl “Lady Edith’s London Nights” please message me, not Kristen, as she did not participate in the design of these crocheted shawls and would not be able to help you–nor have the time to!

This crocheted shawl was inspired in particular by the dynamic personality of Lady Edith Crowley. We see her personality mature and emerge as a strong, vibrant woman who embraces change and lives life with passion.

ALSO AVAILABLE:  Tea With Lady Grantham Shawl Pattern.  This design is the same shape as the Lady Edith shawl, but is a little larger.  It uses stitches that are based on double crochet, and has a more textured appearance as it uses back post and front post double crochet stitch patterns.  Like the other shawl it is made with fingering weight/sock weight yarn and a 3.5mm hook.

tea with lady grantham on fence


Please see my project page for the second shawl, Tea With Lady Grantham for photos/yarn information, and visit my blog for further photos and information. The Tea With Lady Grantham Shawl is based on (Canadian/US terms) double crochet stitch patterns, while Lady Edith’s London Nights is single crochet stitch patterns.

This pattern is written out row by row, and does not include charts. If you need any help, find errors, or would like to comment, please contact me here on Ravelry, on my blog, or on Facebook.

lady e 7


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