The Painted Veil Cloth



Just a little more 1884 knitted lace…and another cloth, this one is approximately 6″ by 6″ and uses worsted weight cotton with 5mm needles again.

I found these two lace stitch patterns in the instructions for a baby’s veil. This is my interpretation of the instructions, as they used different terminology in those days.  I am using them in another design-in-progress using hand-painted yarn, and the cloth is the way I practiced the stitches.

If you like the combination, watch for more “Painted Veil” patterns!

You can use any worsted weight cotton to make these small cloths.  I like to use them on my desk, under my coffee mug.  They are also great to use for small clean-up jobs instead of a piece of paper towel!  Or make a couple to use as washcloths, and include a bar of locally-made soap as a nice little gift to a friend or co-worker.



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