Caucasus Mountains Shawl

caucasus mountains

I am designing the Caucasus Mountains Shawl and finishing it for the Colorsong Team in the Ravellenic Games, using Fleece Artist yarns from my stash. This is another item in my “Mountain” series, with the Mount Alberta Hood and the True Blue Mountain Hood. The Caucasus Mountains are the range that borders Sochi, home of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and the venue for the alpine sports are held at a resort in the mountains. As a West Coast Canadian, I hope our Canadian team members achieve their best personal scores–and feel great personal satisfaction at having made it to the pinnacle of amateur sport, the Olympics. Medals are great–and I’ll cheer if they win–but I congratulate them all for just being there!

As with some of my other designs, the Caucasus Mountains Shawl pattern will be free to follow along with me on my blog as I write and crochet the pattern, and will be a paid pdf pattern when it is finished.


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