Granny Appleseed Cloth

granny appleseed

To try out new stitch patterns, I often make a cloth.  I came across a stitch in a vintage Corticelli pattern book, from 1920 called the “Appleseed Stitch” and thought it looked as if it had a nice texture.  It has–and, as a bonus, it is reversible.

I call this cloth the “Granny Appleseed Cloth” as it is green, like Granny Smith apples…and of course in reference to “Johnny Appleseed”…and because I am a  Granny myself, and this is going to be a Picnic cloth for Teddy Bears (and Lambs and Puppies too), with some little serviettes made of different stitch patterns that would catch a bear’s attention: briar (for briar patches often have berries) and honeycomb (that needs no explanation).  I have added a pot of honey, a carrot for the lambs, and a bowl of kibbles for the pup…..all the things Bears and their friends need for a little ‘smackerel’ when this Granny goes to visit the 3 Grandchildren.

Granny Appleseed Picnic pic

This stitch is used in the “Lady Edith’s London Nights” shawl, so you can practice the stitch and have a useful item, too!

Canada/US crochet terms used

Abbreviations: ch = chain; sc = single crochet; scfl = single crochet in the front loop only; scbl = single crochet in the back loop only

I used Bernat Handicrafter worsted weight cotton, and a 6mm hook. My cloth is about 7 inches square.

NOTE:  you can make this any size you like by adding more or fewer stitches to the starting chain. 




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