True Blue Mountain Hood–Crochet

true blue mountain

Most of the years from the age of 10 until my mid-thirties I lived directly across the valley from True Blue Mountain, which is south-west of the incredibly beautiful village of Kaslo, BC.  In the spring, we’d hear avalanches come thundering down the ravines, and rush outside to watch.  In the summer, we’d hike up its slopes…and always, from dawn until night, it was a large and comforting presence in our lives.  Even on foggy summer nights, glimpses of True Blue  could be seen.  When I think of all the things I miss most about living in my mountain homes, True Blue is near the top of the list.  Therefore….this Hood pattern is named in honour of True Blue Mountain.

true blue mountain2

There are lots of photos to help make this using any yarn you choose! It is worked from the top down, and there are no seams at all…quick, easy, fun!
It is FREE for 1 WEEK ONLY! On Dec. 2/2013 it will be a paid pdf file.

True Blue Mountain Hood Pattern


This hood can be made with any yarn–and the right hook for your yarn, of course.  I will be making my first True Blue Mountain Hood using Red Heart Super Saver and a 7mm hook; this hook is larger than most people would use with the yarn, because I live on the west coast which is very mild in temperature–the larger hook gives a cloth which is lighter and more open.  You can always crochet a little square to see what hook/stitch you like.

For this Hood you can also choose what stitch you want to use. I used half double crochet to make the first Hood.

You can make it with a short, close-fitting cowl, like this:

true blue 075

Or with a long infinity cowl, like this:

true blue 024true blue 023  true blue 025

You can work all the way around in single crochet for a narrow border:

true blue 003

Or in half double crochet for a medium border:

true blue 004

Or make a simple but pretty shell border.  This is the BORDER OPTION I used on my tutorial hood!

true blue 002

true blue 012true blue 011

If you like, make some snowflakes and either sew them on or do as I did–just put a hair pin onto the back.  Then you can move them around, take them off, wear them on another hat, wear them in your hair…take the hairpin out, add a thread and use them as tree or window ornaments!true blue 020true blue 019

true blue 016true blue 014

I wanted to show you that you can use any yarn you like, and make a hood that fits you.  Here is one I made in some vintage White Buffalo 100% wool yarn–a super bulky weight, the same yarn I made my blue “Mount Alberta Hood” with.  If you want to make a hood like this, you can purchase Briggs & Little “Country Roving”–the yarn my black Mount Alberta Hoods are made with.

true blue 049 true blue 050

For this Hood I used double crochet and then made a short buttoned cowl.  The textured, woven-look border on the bottom is reversible, so I put a different button on each side!

I also made a cute Hood  in this style, but using half double crochet for the Hood, to fit a child age 1-3 years.  I used Bernat Softee Chunky and a 6mm hook. Instead of a button closing, I added ties.

true blue 002 true blue 003


True Blue Mountain Hood Pattern

Please see the Copyright page for further information.


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