West Coast: Super, Natural Facebook Page

I have just started a West Coast:  Super, Natural Facebook Page that will highlight some of the items I have for sale, plus offer an easier way to get tips and help from both myself and other knitters/crocheters if they have any trouble with my patterns.  I hope everyone will share photos of Tyee Fish Hats they’ve made and, when other patterns become available, items made from my other patterns too.




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2 responses to “West Coast: Super, Natural Facebook Page

  1. About your pattern on my blog, I’ve removed okay? I apologize, I thought I put the link below, showing its source, would not have problems. Thanks for the warning >_<, the page updated here: http://requiem-inparadise.blogspot.com.br/2013/05/magikarp-hat-crochet-touca-de-croche-de.html

    • West Coast: Super, Natural

      Thank you so much–and especially thanks for doing it so quickly 🙂 I love it when people post just the link to my blog–then people can come here and look at other posts, and other patterns that will be available soon, too.

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