Going Fishing With My Hook!

Out here on the West Coast, it has been a pretty nice fall; the leaves are really starting to change colour and drop, and there have been warm sunny days.  All the apples have ripened and been frozen or canned as pie filling or applesauce.  The garden is just about ready to be dug under for its winter rest.  

The sunny days  brought out the urge to go fishing, and see what I could catch..so I dug around in my workbasket and brought out some hooks…and soon you will see that I have hooked some very unusual, very colourful and most succulent fish!  The very first thing I did was to go fishing on the internet to find Mrs. T’s wonderful fish recipe, which you will find here.  I have wanted to try out her special fish recipe for a long, long time, since it first appeared in fact, but found that it was taking me a long, long time to make it–many months.  So I have come up with a way to make the fish a different way–with just one hook and a long yarn fishing line!  Mrs. T. has very graciously given me permission to share my hooked version of her very popular pattern, and as soon as I am able to get some nice pictures to share with you, I will post my pattern for the West Coast Fish Hat.


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