Weaving a Rainbow with Angora

Richard Of York  Gave/Gained Battle In Vain”

Wikipedia cites this as a popular mnemonic for remembering the colour sequence of rainbows: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet.  Furthermore, they inform that  “the colours of a secondary rainbow are inverted compared to the primary bow, with blue on the outside and red on the inside. The dark area of unlit sky lying between the primary and secondary bows is called Alexander’s band.”

Angora fleece

Angora fleece

I recently saw a very vivid double rainbow, which inspired me to try to create the colours in yarn.  I chose some rabbit angora fleece that has been sitting in my stash for over a year.  I started with five ounces, and am not sure how much I will use for this project.  I am afraid I don’t weigh or measure–I just plunge my hand into the fluff, select what seems to be “the right amount”, and go from there!  I used some Club House Neon food colouring–which actually did not give me a red, but a pretty coral colour instead.  I did not mix colours; instead, while preparing the dyed fleece for spinning, I brushed two colours together into little rolags.  For this I use a small, $1 dog slicker brush from a local “dollar” store.

spinning equipment

spinning equipment

I’m using a home-made spindle for this fly-away fleece, and seem to be getting 15-30 yards of each colour, spun into mini-skeins of two colour combinations:  i.e., yellow/coral blended, then yellow; yell0w/blue blended, then blue.  By keeping the skeins to two colours, I can choose which end to knit from, controlling the colour sequencing in the item.  After spinning some of each colour combination, I added white undyed fleece to the dyed, to lighten and soften the colours for the second rainbow!

Angora yarn in hanks

Angora yarn in hanks

Just a few more colours in the lightened fleece to spin up, then I will have to decide on a pattern that suits this super-soft yarn!

Angora mini-skeins

Angora mini-skeins

Thank you, April, for this lovely, incredible angora fleece!  I know that after I knit with this yarn I will be addicted to bunny fibre–it is even softer than alpaca.


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  1. Just popping in to say “hello” and take a peek at your blog. Your angora mini skeins are the loveliest colors! So beautiful.

    I once saw a double rainbow, and it remains one of my happiest memories. 🙂 Thinking about it still makes me smile! Thanks for the reminder.

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