Clue 2 Vernal Equinox Shawl–“Winter’s Waning”

I just finished Clue 2 of this mystery shawl, while listening to the Finnish national anthem…what majestic music, and stirring words:


(English translation of Finnish National Anthem) (Original written in Swedish)

by Johan Ludvig Runeberg

Our land, our land, our fatherland,

Let the dear words ring forth!

No hills to heaven their heights expand,

No valley dips, seas wash no strand,

More cherished than our home far north,

Than this our native land.

Our land is poor, it has no hold

On those who lust for gain,

And strangers pass it proud and cold,

But we, we treasure every grain,

For us, with moor and fell and main,

It is a land of gold.

Today is the birthday of  the poet who wrote the words to it, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, celebrated in part by eating his favourite delicacy,  Runeberg’s cupcakes, made for him by his wife  (there is a link to recipes in my post yesterday).vernalequinox008vernalequinox009



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2 responses to “Clue 2 Vernal Equinox Shawl–“Winter’s Waning”

  1. Stina


    you have made some beautiful lace.. and your images caught my eye when searching. But then your mentioning Runeberg and our National anthem caught my eye. _Why_ would you be listening to Maamme / Vårt land? It’s slightly easier to see someone’s fascination towards poets, but why a Finnish one?
    Anyway, I love the shawls, and your pictures make me want to knit some myself.

    Iloista juhannusta ja hyvää kesää (Have a good midsummer and a nice summer!)

    • westcoastsupernatural

      I have always wanted to visit the Nordic countries, since I read Sigrid Undset’s books as a child–especially Kristin Lavransdatter, set in the Middle Ages.
      When I started knitting again, I became fascinated by how similar knitting is in different countries, yet each one makes things ‘their own’ in special ways–colour designs, lace patterns a bit different, shapes of mitts different, etc. Then I started spinning, too, and got some Finn sheep fleece–and it is so soft and scrumptious, I started looking online about Finland. From my first Finn yarn, I crocheted a little bear and as I was reading about your ‘Kalevala’ national epic, I named the little bear Annikki–wrote a little story about her on my blog, for my granddaughter! I would like to get a copy of Kalevala and read it, and I still hope to visit Finland–it will be the first Nordic country I go to! I think your national anthem is wonderful–the music and the words. It is so majestic and stirring, it seems to really show a people’s pride and love for their country. The words even remind me a little of Canada’s anthem, ‘Oh, Canada, our home and native land…’
      Thank you for the nice things you said about my lace, and for visiting my blog!

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