Another New KAL–Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise

I finished three projects…well, is it one project or three?  I’m calling it three, so my conscience is salved–and there are three items!winterwear004winterwear005

So, with three projects finished, I feel so great that I can not only knit on the Mystic Star…but, as there is such a loooooong wait for the next clue (!) I just have to begin the other KAL that has been waiting in the wings…

This new KAL actually started in January, but I’ve been busy with other projects and just started it last night.  It is hosted by a very talented designer in Finland, and the KAL clues are posted on the Lankakomero  blog.

I decided to use my Yarn Treehouse Lace Merino Print cobweb-weight yarn for this–I’ve been saving it for a special shawl, and as the Vernal Equinox celebrates the end of winter/beginning of spring, I think the soft pastel colour changes will be perfect.

On the Ravelry group for the VESS KAL a Finnish knitter mentioned some pastries called Runeberg’s cupcakes, made in honour of the Finnish national poet who also wrote their national anthem.  She gave me the link to an online recipe she thinks is the best–thank you, Kirsi!    I searched online and found another recipe for these tarts, and am going to try making them tomorrow, February 5, as that is the day Finland celebrates Runeberg’s birthday by making and eating them–isn’t it a wonderful excuse for me to make a scrumptious treat??  But I will have to modify the recipe, as it calls for almonds and my son is allergic to almonds (an other tree nuts).  The Nordic Recipe Archive has many other fascinating recipes to try, too–like Quark Pies, which are sweet-dough buns filled with a mixture that I suspect will be very similar to cheesecake.  It even has a recipe to make Quark, a soft cheese similar to ricotta, if your store doesn’t carry quark, using buttermilk and milk. It is actually the same as my mother’s recipe for making “cottage cheese”.   I think I will make Quark Buns, too, while I am knitting this Finnish shawl!

Here is Clue 1 of the Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise:vernal-equinox002


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