New KAL–Mystic Star

Well, one New Year’s resolution has hit a bit of a snag….I promised myself I would finish two fibre projects before I started one new one, and I fell off the wagon when I ran into a comment about Anna Dalvi’s new mystery shawl knitalong, the Mystic Star KAL.  My only defense is that I have yarn in my stash to use up, and in these times of financial restraint that is a bonus; plus–Anna is Canadian, so I am “buying at home” by purchasing her pattern!

I am using a black wool single-ply yarn that I found over a year ago at a Salvation Army Thrift Store; two skeins of this, plus one of another black wool, were only $3.50.  After I got home, I did the “bleach test” to make sure it was wool–took a 2″ piece of the yarn, and placed it in a saucer with a little pure blelach; within 15 minutes the yarn had completely dissolved, showing it was a 100% protein fibre like wool or silk (plant proteins, like cotton, and synthetics don’t dissolve).   I forgot to measure the skein/add up the wraps so I’m not sure of the yardage; therefore, I decided to make the half-circle instead of full circle, to make sure I have enouogh yarn to finish.  I have always used 3.5 mm needles with laceweight (except my Spanish Mantilla, which used 10mm), but I’ve seen shawls knit with larger needles and decided to try it out with this one, so am using 4.5 mm. It will definitely not need as heavy a blocking at the end of the project.

The first and second clues knit up very quickly, so I am going to salvage my resolution by finishing three projects before Clue 3 comes out!mystic-star-clue2


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  1. I love your choice of color and your reason for choosing it. I am a huge Sean Connery fan. It’s great to have theme for your shawl. Can’t wait to see it progress

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