Victoriana Shawl–clue 3 finished

Yesterday evening, I finished Clue 3 of the Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo Group CAL, but it took awhile.  Last week, exactly half way through the clue,  I misplaced my 5mm crochet hook…which was most annoying, because I only had one in that size and therefore, my work on the Victoriana shawl came to a halt.  Finally, I gave up my search, and trekked out to buy another.  I crocheted a couple of rows, then went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea–and discovered the missing hook sitting in plain sight on the kitchen window sill.  I suppose I was holding it in my hand last week when I was probably on the same mission–a cup of tea–and set it there.  I must have looked in its direction dozens of times, during the past few days, but for some reason it didn’t register.  Oh well, now that I have  two I’m sure I won’t misplace a 5 mm crochet hook for awhile.  I wonder if buying a new item/promptly finding the lost would work every time?  Next time, I’ll leave the item unopened for awhile until I see if the magic works; then I could return the unneeded replacement!

It is also time to decide whether to go on with natural undyed white, or use more dyed wool.  All I have left are yellow/yellow greens from flowers:  Tansy, Queen Anne’s Lace, St. John’s Wort–and a pale peachy colour from Rooibos tea.  I have also decided not to increase the stitches again, as the shawl is already the circumference I want it to remain.  (If I was using laceweight yarn, I think I’d have to do the increase transition row.)victoriana007victoriana006victoriana004


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