Aunt Fanny’s Shawl

Aunt Fanny's Shawl

Aunt Fanny's Shawl

This shawl is named for a children’s book, “Aunt Fanny’s Story Book, for Little Boys and Girls“, published in 1853; available online through a Google book search. I think Aunt Fanny would definitely have worn lace shawls, and as this stitch resembles a sequence of fans…! The book would never be published today, as child-rearing and punishment methods have changed quite dramatically as we have recognized the equality and rights of children.  On page 33, for instance, “So his Mother took a birch-rod out of the closet, and gave Edward a very severe whipping…” which punishment was for shaving his little brother and cutting him quite badly–in those days, of course, straight razors were used, and the mere idea of one of these in the hands of a child is terrifying.  (There is an article about these razors in Wikipedia; the photos makes one quite thankful for the invention of the safety razor!)  Nonetheless, uncles should not leave their razors–straight or safety types–where young children can reach them; and while it is not noted in the book, one can only hope that Mother as severely chastised the uncle.

The shawl uses a stitch I saw online and copied into my notebook, but I don’t remember which stitch-list it comes from.  I started out with one repeat of the pattern, and add one each time the 6 row pattern repeats.  It’s really easily memorized, so will be a good take-along project.  The joy of crocheting is that it’s so much more portable than knitting, too–no worries about dropping stitches!  At worst, you might pull out a few stitches to re-do.  I’m using a turquoise-blue size 10 thread I found at a thrift store; the cone has a label inside that says “Montana 300 gram; 100% cotton; Pampas 43; made in UK”.



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2 responses to “Aunt Fanny’s Shawl

  1. Jacqui Morse

    I love that pattern – any chance of getting the instructions?

    • Westcoast: Super, Natural

      So sorry! I haven’t had the internet on a regular basis for a year now, and kept forgetting to check here for comments. I’m afraid I lost the pattern–it is in my jumble of scribbled out notes. If I ever find it again, I will post it on my blog. There will be more and more patterns here some day–some free, some for sale, with an emphasis on designs using stitch patterns from the 19th century. I hope to publish a little magazine; each edition will have a chapter of a historical novel I’m writing (set in 1870’s) as well as knitting and crochet patterns each time; there will be recipes, household hints, gardening tips, and a poem from a women’s magazine–all from the 1800’s, from works no longer copyright. Sometimes there may be sewing patterns, I hope–maybe even embroidery! So keep an eye out for it. All the best, Wendy

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