Annikki is ready to play!

Annikki was so quick and fun to make that I know I will be adding friends for her to hang out with.  From start to finish, I think this is the project I’ve enjoyed more than any other because she is fleece-to-finished by my own hands–and I know she will provide so many hours of enjoyment for the little girl she is being gifted to.

When the box of Finn fleece arrived in the mail over a year ago from Misty Mountain Farm, I knew that it would be kept for special projects.  I separated the colours, washed it all carefully, and put the dried clean fleece in zip lock bags waiting their day…

Finn Fleece

Finn Fleece

I chose some light honey beige fleece, carded it and spun it:

19wpi singles

19wpi singles

Then I chose a pattern from the Thread Animals Yahoo Group files, and started crocheting…. Researching a little about Finnish national costumes has been really interesting, and it going to take some time to browse through more of it.  There is one fascinating article on ancient Finnish costumes, in particular, that I am going to read again.  And now…here’s Annikki!

Annikki from the North Woods

Once upon a time, in the far North Woods, a little bear cub lived with Big Mama Bear and Big Papa Bear.  Her name was Annikki.  One day Mama and Papa let Annikki play with leaves and twigs while they picked berries for dinner.  They were close by, but Annikki was so tiny she couldn’t always see them over the tall grass.annikki007

Then she spotted Mama and called out to her: “Hi, Mama!”


When they had all eaten enough berries, the three North Woods Bears went home to their den.  At bedtime, Annikki asked her Mama to tell her a story.  Mama and Papa Bear always told their little cub a story, but tonight Big Mama Bear had a surprise for Annikki.

Annikki's Surprise

Annikki discovered it was a little cub size headband and apron.  She asked her Mama to help put them on.annikki0051“In a land far away called Finland, girls dress up on special days in pretty skirts and jackets, and they wear an apron and headband like yours, Annikki,” Mama told her little cub.  “Tonight I will tell you a story that took place in Finland a long time ago.”  And Big Mama Bear told Annikki the story of   ‘The Songs of Power:  A Finnish Tale of Magic, by Aaron Shepard [which you may tell your little cubs, too].  After the story was finished, Annikki put away her new dress-up clothes and got ready for bed.


Big Mama Bear and Big Papa Bear tucked their little cub in and said goodnight.



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