HolidayMysteryGifts CAL Clues 1 & 2 finished

The Holiday Mystery Gifts Yahoo Group is hosting both a knitalong and crochetalong mystery shawl.  As I already have three knit shawls in various stages of completion, including this one:

Spring Leaves

Spring Leaves

I decided to make the crochet shawl.  As each clue, or section, will have a variety of different stitch patterns to choose from, I decided to use different colours too–a dual sampler of stitches and plant-dyed wool yarn.  The yarn is Mulespinner 2-ply, purchased last year from Birkeland Brothers in Vancouver, BC.  I used a variety of plants as dyes, including tansy, queen anne’s lace, st. john’s wort, carrots, and cinnamon bark.  Four of the dyes came from a purchased potpourri mix–instead of throwing it out, when the time came, I separated the ingredients and threw them into the dye pots.  Simmering them over Christmas filled the house with a spicy aroma, while they released their colours!  The only plant I could identify of these was the cinnamon bark, but the yarn turned various shades of beige and brown, as you will see.  Potpourri-dyed yarn

Clues 1 and 2 have worked up quickly, but as the shawl grows, so will the amount of time spent on each row!

Clue 1 wins Nebulon's approval!

Clue 1 wins Nebulon's approval!

Victoriana crocheted shawl

Clues 1 & 2 with some of the dyed yarns that will be used.

Victoriana shawl

Clues 1 & 2

Now…on to Annikki while I wait for the next clue!


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  1. Kiefer

    Hey aunty very nice blog! I like the picture of the nebulon lol

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