Beginning Annikki

Today I spun some honey beige Finn fleece into a fine singles yarn, destined to become a tiny crocheted bear for the January Bargain Basement Challenge on the ThreadAnimals Yahoo Group.





This should meet the bargain yarn category, as I bought the fleece late in 2007 from Misty Mountain Farm, when the Canadian dollar was its highest level ever–worth $1.06 US.  Their raw fleece is a bargain even with our currently devalued loonie, at only $5.00 US/pound for the natural colours!  The fleece they sent me was clean and a pleasure to work with, too–I’m a fairly new spinner, and don’t know all the correct terminology, but their Finn fleece is really soft and fine, and the tight little curls would be great for other crafts and needle felting, too.

The little bear is named Annikki, a Finnish name pronounced “ON-ik-ee.” Annikki is a girl in the Finnish national epic Kalevala–Aaron Shepard, a noted children’s author, has his version of it, The Songs of Power: a Finnish Tale of Magic, on his website under the ‘Magical Tales’ (along with many, many other enchanting tales!)



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2 responses to “Beginning Annikki

  1. Kiefer

    Wendys rants is what it should be called!
    Haha awesome, just awesome hobby aunt.

  2. westcoastsupernatural

    I’ve only just begun….
    ….my fibre rant, that is.

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