Tyee Fish Hat AND Magic Carp Fish Hat Patterns For Sale

The Tyee Fish Hat pattern is finally back online; there is also a Variation available–the Magic Carp Fish Hat pattern! NOTE: you must have the Tyee Fish Hat pattern to make the Magic Carp Hat. Buy now as an instant Pdf download! Look on the “PATTERNS” page or in my Ravelry Store


Doesn’t the new hat look fun? Make it for a Pokemon fan or collector as a birthday or Christmas gift, or make it for yourself! It’s sure to bring smiles to all who see you wearing it.  The fun photos of the Magic Carp Fish Hat were taken at Courtenay Antiques, using their fabulous model, but you will look just as happy in the Magic Carp Fish Hat!hood-012.jpgFor those of you who don’t crochet, Magic Carp Hats are available to purchase on the “For Sale” page. Currently they ship about 7-10 days after you order one. If you’d like one made larger or smaller, or as a shorter “beanie” style, send me a message on the “Contact” form at  the bottom of the For Sale Page! Hats are $50

magikarp; kids 057

The Tyee Fish Hat pattern is no longer free. I’ve had to spend so many hours tracking down illegally shared files online and contact share-filing companies and blog-owners that I decided to charge a little for the pattern to compensate a little for my time. I have had to request removal of the files as many as 4 times before my pattern was removed. The pattern has been downloaded many hundreds of times–so I know people have enjoyed having it available.  I hope that crocheters will feel it is worthwhile to pay a little for all the time I’ve taken over the past couple of years–in designing, writing, then sharing the pattern.

However, I am keeping the pattern for the Tyee Fish Hat lower priced than Fish Hat Variations AND other hat patterns I will be adding to the Pattern Page! I decided to sell the Variations as separate additions to the Tyee pattern so that if you only want to make the original fish hat you can do so at a very reasonable cost.  I’m sure there are other free patterns available if you don’t choose to pay for the Tyee pattern or can’t afford to do so–I’m living on Disability Benefits so I do know that sometimes even $3.50 is “too much.”

I’ve had numerous requests for a pattern to make a hat similar to these ones that were shared on my Ravelry Tyee Fish Hat pattern projects page:

jedimeg16 magikarpfishhatscarletkitsuneviolagirl25 magikarp

Hence, I wrote out the Magic Carp Hat Pattern; it is $5 on the Patterns page. You follow the directions for the Tyee Fish Hat, then use the Magic Carp Hat pattern to make the tail and fins, eyes and barbels. There are tons of photos to help make the directions easy to follow. It takes longer to make this hat than a beanie or toque, as it is  about 20-23″ long–and the bits and pieces take time to make and sew on, too! It can take 4-6 hours to make one, depending on how fast you crochet!

If you enjoy making Fish Hats, keep an eye out for the next Variation,coming soon!

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