Weaver’s Cowl Pattern

A new design in the “Victorian Women Today” series is available, named to honour a magazine editor,  Jane Weaver

This cowl is based on a stitch found in an 1862 women’s magazine, the well-known “Peterson’s Magazine;” the needlework editor at this period was Mrs. Jane Weaver.  Jane’s name is found on many of the patterns published in the magazine while she was editor, and though it doesn’t necessarily mean she actually designed them they are an interesting assortment of designs.  Some were for finished items—shawls, slippers, etc.—but I spotted this one and decided to try the stitch.  It is indeed “pretty and simple,” and has the look of a woven herringbone stitch.  It is very elastic, much like a rib stitch but—I think—prettier!  Though she suggests its use for knitting a jacket, her directions are very vague:  “The best way to knit a jacket is to cut a paper pattern of the size required, in three pieces, the two fronts and the back, and to work from these.  To commence, cast on sufficient loops for the bottom of the back, narrowing on each side according to the shape….” I did not knit a jacket with the stitch but I have used it to knit both an infinity cowl and a buttoned cowl!


Weaver's Cowl Collage

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Mahonia Cuffs: Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at a design I am almost finished that uses 2 Victorian era stitch patterns to create warm and useful cuffs.  This set will be made with chunky yarn and 5mm needles; directions will also be given for making them with worsted weight yarn and 4mm needles.

Mahonia Cuffs Collage

The Mahonia Cuffs are named for one of my favourite wild berry-producing shrubs, the Mahonia–or Oregon Grape.  While the fruit is very sour raw and unsweetened, it makes a delicious and very flavourful jelly.  The berries also make a marvelous dye for wool!  I have obtained an amazing assortment of colour using the berries, alum, cream of tartar, vinegar, and baking soda–I can’t wait for next summer to experiment again!

Mahonia also has incredibly sunny, bright yellow flowers with a lovely scent in the early spring–and prickly, holly-like leaves!


The three twists of fibre in the first photo are dyed with mahonia berries, and the second photo shows some of it handspun.  The yellow coloured unspun fleece in the background of the second photo is not dyed with mahonia.

The modern photo of the Mahonia nervosa is courtesy of: Great Plant Picks: http://www.greatplantpicks.org/plantlists/view/980

The illustration of the flowering Mahonia is from a book in Public Domain: Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, Or, Flower-garden …, Volume 68; published 1842

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Snap, Crackle, Pop…

A bowlful of amazingly cute cereal that your children will play with over and over!  Don’t you wish it was real?

PopBerries 9 piece set

Would you like to buy a set?  Send me a message on my Facebook page — $15 plus shipping.

Today’s #CountdownToChristmas West Coast Fibre Arts design that will be FREE FOR ONLY 3 HOURS is the PopBerries pattern.  Watch on the Facebook Page often to see when I post the details with the coupon code to type in at the checkout.

The good news is that if you miss the sale, the pattern is only $3.95 regular price in my Ravelry Pattern Store!

There is more good news–today I am making a new set of PopBerries, just in time for the holidays!  Watch for the pattern release coming soon.  The Smurfety Smurf pattern is also very nearly ready for release…watch for it tomorrow! I decided to add a Smurfety Smurfette option to the pattern, so it is taking an extra couple of days.  If you are looking for a cute little toy to make your toddler for Christmas, there is a newly designed pocket pal size kitty, inspired by #ToopyAndBinoo –the Binoo Ragdoll and Patchy Pals! The pattern is in my Ravelry Pattern Store.

Ragdoll Cat and friend

Smurf quote Collage

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Countdown to Christmas: Pop, Pop, Pop!

Have you been following along on my Facebook Page to see the daily Free-For-3-Hours pattern?  Sometimes it is a newly released design, sometimes it is a design I’m currently using myself to make something.  That is the case with today’s special: the Pattypan Squash!  I am making up a small Kittens in a Row Tote and filling it with tasty Farmer’s Market selections!kittens in a row totepattypan logo

I am also working on some of the cute and popular little Play Foods:  the PopBerries!  I am designing a new set, too, Christmas Berries–be sure to watch for the new pattern out very soon.

PopBerries © 2014WendyMAndersonAllRightsReserved

PopBerries © 2014WendyMAndersonAllRightsReserved

So don’t forget to check back in on my Facebook Page later today to find out just when the pattern will be free for a short time, and what the coupon code will be.  If you ‘Like’ the West Coast: Super, Natural page and also click ‘like’ or comment on a post, the new posts will show up in your own news feed so you can see the Daily special!

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Ragdoll Cat & Patchy Friend Ornaments or Pocket Pals

Inspired by the popular children’s tv series, Toopy & Binoo, this cute little cat & his toy will provide hours of fun for the littlest members of your family!  Whether they use them as tree ornaments or as little pocket pals, they will make up games and use their imagination much like Toopy and his little buddy Binoo do on the show.

Quick to make using small amounts of yarn, there is lots of time left to make some to hang on your tree or give as a little present–try them as gift tags!

Pattern available now in my Ravelry Pattern Store!

Ragdoll Cat and friend

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Countdown to Christmas

winter elf Collage

I had planned to have a Giveaway to celebrate reaching the 2000 Fan Milestone on my FaceBook page…but last night, after West Coast: Super, Natural reached 1999 “Likes”, Facebook deleted 800 fans!  So unless it was a glitch that they correct, it will be some time before the 2000 Fan count is reached again.  Meanwhile…all those 800 fans who had wanted to see posts about new patterns, giveaways, and works-in-progress will not see the West Coast posts.  So if you are/were a fan of the Page, please check to see if you need to click on “Like” again to follow my Facebook posts.

Meanwhile…as a Thank you to the 2000+ fans who have supported me and shown interest in my patterns and fibre work, and as a Countdown to Christmas, I am going to post a link to one of my patterns every day…with a coupon code so that you can get it FREE for just 3 hours!! So head on over to the West Coast to see which pattern is free from 3PM Pacific Time until 6:30 PM Pacific Time today…and be sure to check back tomorrow to see the new free design!  IT WILL NOT BE POSTED AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY,  so if you do not want to miss them be sure to ‘Like’ the page so you see the posts in your news feed–and to continue seeing them, comment on a post or click ‘like’ on a post, or else Facebook does not show them in your news feed. FACEBOOK PAGE

And don’t forget…the BUY 1 GET 1 FREE PATTERN sale is still on until tonight at Midnight Pacific Time! Ravelry Coupon Code to add at the checkout: givethanks


#freepattern #countdowntochristmas #crochet #knitting

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Myadora Cowl and Myadora Cloth

Tonight I added 2 new designs to my Ravelry Store:

Myadora Cowl and Myadora Cloth.

I Adora2Myadora cloth9

They are both based on a stitch pattern I found in a Victorian era women’s magazine.  The original design was for a very small d’oyley meant to be used on a ladies’ dressing or ‘toilet’ table, worked in cotton crochet thread.  My thread version, using size 10 thread and a 1.25mm hook , is about 4 inches across.

Myadora cloth5Myadora cloth6

The cowls and the cloths both work up very quickly.  The cloths can be made either with the magic circle beginning pulled tightly closed or left loose as in the original design.  I have used it this way as a perfect eco-friendly paper towel substitute, as a stack of them fit onto a countertop paper towel holder–you just have to find one that doesn’t have a nob on the top!  You can make the cloths any size you like by working more or fewer rounds.  I used Bernat Handicrafter cotton for most of my cloths, with a 5mm hook.  A pair of cloths with a bar of locally made, eco-friendly artisan soap would be a very nice little holiday gift; so would a stack of them on a countertop holder for your eco-conscious friends or family!

The cowls I made are about 30 inches around the neck, and 7 inches deep.  Their size, too, can easily be adjusted.  To make them longer or shorter around the neck–or if you are using a larger or smaller hook than the 7mm hook I used–just start with more or less chain stitches:  just remember you need to start with a multiple of 4 stitches.  You can make the cowl longer by working more rounds.  They are so quick to make that you could easily make them as lovely gifts for Christmas.

If you make either or both of these patterns and need any help or find any errors, please contact me.  The quickest way to get in touch is usually a personal message on my West Coast: Super, Natural Facebook Page.

I will be adding several cowls on my Facebook Page that are ready to purchase. Please ask if you would like to order one in a certain colour, wool or acrylic yarn, etc.

4 myadoras


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